With Llumar Designer Etch Films, we can provide your business with practical privacy, elegant gradients, or full coverage designs. From lawyers and doctor offices where privacy of the client is paramount to corporate offices where privacy and design define the workspace, we have an etch film suited to your needs.

Etch film is a frosted film that can be used for many purposes and is a functional, beautiful, and cost-effective way to enhance privacy and security for commercial properties. At ClearView, we provide samples of our products to help you choose the design that best suits your business before making a final purchase. Our decorative films are covered by a 5 Year Warranty.

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Commercial designer window Films
Commercial Designer Etched Window Film

Benefits of commercial designer etch films

Every detail matters when it comes to making an impression on clients. Commercial designer etch films add a professional and stylish look to your space while enhancing privacy and security. We can strategically place window film where it’s needed, including conference rooms, office windows, entryways, and glass doors.

We offer a range of designs to choose from, including frosted, gradient, and patterned film to match the overall look and feel of your brand. You can select from any of Llumar’s beautiful Etch Films or we can customize a piece to suit your needs and style. The possibilities are endless!

Designer Etched Window Film for Conference Room
For privacy and security reasons

Commercial etch films are common for medical offices and highly secure establishments where privacy is required. Our products are made from high-quality material that will last for years to come.

Leaf Designer Etch Window Tinting
Adds an extra touch of detail

Designer window film adds a touch of thoughtful detail to a professional space. We work with you to match your branding and the overall aesthetics of your business for a cohesive look.

Rays Protected Designer Etched Window Film
Beautiful and functional

Gradients, frosting, and patterned window film treatments are not only attractive to the eye but are also functional, controlling the amount of light and glare that comes through the glass.