At ClearView, we trust one of the industry’s most reliable window treatment products VISTA™ Solar Control Films to make your workspace more functional. Commercial solar film reduces your energy costs, regulates heat, decreases glare, and protects your workplace from harmful UV rays. Our certified professionals install quality solar window film that your commercial space deserves.

Unlike other window film suppliers and generic window film products, our treatments do not fade, purple, or turn at the corners. Your service is backed by our lifetime warranty and we will provide samples to help you make a final decision. As part of our commitment to being an environmentally conscious company, we precisely measure your commercial windows to reduce waste when cutting your film.

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Commercial Solar Films
Commercial Solar Film in Clinic

Benefits of commercial solar films

Did you know that natural light is known to increase productivity and creativity in the workplace? However, many offices resort to using blinds and shades to reduce the amount of glare and heat coming into the workspace, which also blocks the natural light that instantly energizes and lifts our mood.

Commercial solar window film is placed right onto the window’s glass, made from durable and transparent polyester laminate that won’t obstruct the view. This intelligent technology is able to minimize the effects of harmful UV rays, reduce glare, and controls the amount of heat coming into the building. Choose from different shades and tints for added privacy, or a film that is completely transparent for a subtle look.

UV Protected Commercial Solar Film
Block harmful UV rays

UV is the invisible sun rays that harm your skin and contributes to fading and damaging furniture and floors. Our solar films block 99.9% of UV rays and protect your workplace.

Professional Installing Commercial Solar Films
Reduces energy costs

One of the biggest contributors to higher utility bills for companies is the amount of heat that comes through the windows, overworking the AC. Solar film helps bring the temperature down and reduces energy consumption.

Commercial Solar Window Film for Workspace
Controls the amount of glare

Employees can enjoy the sunshine without the disruptive glare on their computers and mobile devices. Choose from different shades to control glare and maintain a comfortable workspace.