With Llumar/VISTA™ Magnum Security Film, we offer you peace of mind for your commercial space. Choose from clear, tinted, or frosted security film to create a barrier between your business and intruders. As part of the LLumar SelectPro dealer network, we can help you find the right level of protection for your workplace with varying thicknesses and shades of window film available.

Commercial security film enhances the safety and security of your office, storefront, retail space, warehouse, and virtually any public building that can be broken into. We offer onsite demonstrations and product samples before you make a final purchase. With ClearView, our customers have the advantage of our 10 Year Warranty on commercial window film products and installation.

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Green Glass Commercial Security Window Film
Inside Commercial Security Window Film

Benefits of commercial security films

Large windows add functionality and, in many cases, is part of the aesthetics of a commercial space. However, large windows attract intruders and are a quick point of entry. Businesses with unprotected windows are not only easy to break into, but they also pose a hazard during hailstorms that are common in Alberta.

Our commercial window film treatments are made of thin, heavy-duty polyester layers that prevent windows from shattering. The special adhesive makes installation smooth and seamless for a clean transition. Unlike other low-quality window films, our products don’t fade or purple over time. For businesses, every professional detail counts to maintain a professional and inviting look.

Opaque Glass Commercial Security Window Film
Prevents the glass from shattering

If an intruder attempts to break into your commercial property through a window, you can rest assured that the glass will not shatter upon impact. Security film keeps the glass in place and holds the pieces together, making it difficult to enter the building.

Shatterproof Security Film in Workspace
Protects your employees and customers

In Alberta where golf-ball-sized hailstorms are common, injury from glass shards is a potential risk for the workplace. Shatterproof security film helps protect your employees and all who use the building.

Security Privacy Commercial Window Film
Enhanced privacy and security

We offer a range of security film products with different shades and tints for added privacy and security. All businesses can benefit from an additional layer of protection to keep confidential information and valuable equipment safe