Etch film is a frosted film that can be used for many purposes. From bathrooms to entrances, offices to showers, we have the etch films you need to get the job done. Whether you’re looking for a practical look or an artisan design to complement the aesthetics of your home, we have the film for you.

At ClearView, we have a range of etch film designs from simple opaque films commonly used in showers and entryways to patterned designs for home offices and playrooms. We precisely measure and cut the film to fit any flat glass and smooth surface windows. Unlike generic etch films, our high-quality products won’t fade, or turn at the corners. We provide samples before you make a final purchase and include our 5 Year Warranty on our designer films.

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Designer Music Etch Film
Residential Designer Etched Window Film

Benefits of residential designer etch films

Etch film is a cost-effective way to enhance privacy in your home without compromising the amount of natural light that many homeowners enjoy. You can control the amount of light coming through while adding a sense of security for basement windows and entryway doors. If you live in a space where you want more privacy and security, residential designer etch film is a solution.

With many designs to choose from, you can have a different look for each space in your home. Designer window film can achieve the look of etched glass without the price tag and offer additional properties such as reducing the amount of glare and heat. Designer etch film is attractive to the eye and provides a clean, well-thought-out look for your home.

Designer Etched Film Glass Door
Creates a sense of privacy

Residential designer etch film is common for glass showers, bathroom windows, glass doors, entryways or garages with windows, and virtually any space where privacy is needed.

Residential Designer Glass Window Etch Film
Adds an extra touch of detail

Designer window film is not limited to security and privacy. Add a touch of detail to a glass patio or any smooth surface window with a beautiful design that matches your home.

Residential Designer Etched Window Tinting
Beautiful and functional

Colour gradients, frosting, and patterned window film treatments are a beautiful and functional way to add a stylish twist to virtually any flat glass in your space.